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To decipher means to (1) Convert a text written in code into normal language; or (2) Succeed in understanding, interpreting, or identifying something.


With this blog, I want to break down the jargony, legalese-filled or plain old inscrutable language that’s so often used to talk about the details of policy, process & politics and make it accessible and relatable instead.  I’ll also give you my personal understanding or interpretation of the latest political news – my take on things – to hopefully give you some further insight into what makes a particular piece of news interesting or meaningful or relevant.  My viewpoint is from the left side of the political aisle, and I will always try to present that view with fairness & intellectual honesty.


Overall, my hope is that this blog will help you make sense of our often confusing, sometimes crazy, usually entertaining U.S. politics.


Main page header photo: Creative Commons Memorial-Bridge-Washington-DC by Senator Mark Warner is licensed under CC BY 2.0   (Photo license is not an endorsement of this blog)