We’ve Got You Covered

Take a look at four Trump related magazine covers out this week:

The first is from CQ Politics, which is a U.S. publication that as the name indicates, focuses on politics, mostly from within Washington D.C.

Along similar lines but with a bit of humor injected, is this one from Bloomberg Businessweek.

Next, comes this cover from the German weekly news magazine Der Speigel.  This one is definitely shocking and maybe goes a little too far.  But Buzzfeed spoke to the artist, a Cuban-born American named Edel Rodriguez, and he said the message he wanted to send was that “Trump is beheading American democracy.”  Rodriguez also told Buzfeed he felt that the Trump administration “raised the stakes so much that an artist should do the same back to them. We should reply in kind.”

And finally the New Yorker, which is known for its artistic and often provocative covers.  This one says a lot with its simplicity.

Over all, I think these pretty much sum up Trump’s first two weeks in office.  Your thoughts??

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