Trump Enters the Room to Address Congress

During the campaign, and even after he won the election, people across the political  spectrum speculated about whether Trump really even wanted to be President.  The answer to that question is “no.”  He wanted to win the title of President, but he didn’t want to actually be President and have to do all that the job normally entails.  But tonight, the pageantry of the address to Congress, this is the reason Trump ran for President.

He doesn’t give a crud about your wonky 10 page policy memo, he doesn’t want hour long daily security briefings, he’s not interested in the intricate details of how to make health care reform work. Nope, his whole life he’s craved nothing more than to hear a room full of people clapping and cheering for him while the whole world watches on tv. Doesn’t even matter why they’re cheering, as long as it’s all for him.

One thought on “Trump Enters the Room to Address Congress

  1. Me February 28, 2017 / 10:05 pm

    And his speech is loaded with fakeness, lies, and bull-caca!


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