Obamacare Overview

For anyone who missed it or hasn’t had time to read it yet, below are links to DC Deciphered’s entire 3-part Obamacare Wars post from last week and early this week.first aid heart rate  These 3 pieces are crucial (IMHO!) for understanding what is happening in Washington right now with respect to Obamacare. I know the pieces are on the long side and there’s a lot to digest, so that’s why I’m not posting anything new right now & instead giving readers some more time with these.  Part 3 in particular is key if you want to understand how the decisions Trump and the GOP are making right now could make or break Obamacare. 

Trump & the GOP have announced in recent days that they’ve renewed their efforts to pass an Obamacare replacement bill (see last link below). But unless and until such a bill actually passes Congress (and it’s unclear how much support there actually is for any new plan), Obamacare is what we’ve got.  So however they choose to handle Obamacare in the meantime will impact millions . . .

Obamacare Wars – Part 1: DC Deciphered breaks down the Trump administration’s new “stabilization” rules for Obamacare that were announced earlier this month.  Are they really intended to promote stability in the insurance markets?

Obamacare Wars – Part 2: DC Deciphered looks back at some of Trump & the GOP’s past actions toward Obamacare for hints about what their current intention is with these new rules and toward the law in general.

Obamacare Wars – Part 3:  DC Deciphered looks at 2 key decisions re Obamacare implementation that Trump & the GOP are in the process of making right now which will determine the fate of Obamacare . . . and help tell us their real goal: stability or sabotage.

And for an explanation of what’s in the GOP’s latest Obamacare replacement proposal, read They’re Baaaack.


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