Who Did I Miss? 6/23

Happy first Friday of summer!  On Fridays, I usually do a “What Did I Miss?” post, in which I try to draw attention to some lower profile news stories from the weekmelting sun – those stories that flew under the radar while the media was busy focusing on flashier, more scintillating stories (yeah, I’m looking at you, Russia probe).  But this week, now that the media has finally turned the spotlight onto the GOP health care bill, I want to keep your focus there.*  I know for some of you, this topic may not be high on your list of interests, but . . .

Even if you get your insurance through your employer, this debate affects you, because even employer-sponsored plans stand to lose some of their protections under an Obamacare repeal bill.  Plus, you almost certainly have a friend or loved one who relies on Medicaid or the individual insurance market, or will one day in the future.  There is no one in the country who won’t be touched – whether next year or next decade – if the GOP bill passes.  So I really hope everyone will participate in this discussion.

Because there’s such vast amounts of material being produced so quickly right now analyzing & commenting on the new bill, I’m not going to try to narrow down a selection for a roundup.  Instead, I’m going to do a “Friday Follow” of people on Twitter that can help give you the scoop on health care. And for those of you who don’t use Twitter, many of these names also do excellent writing online, so below the Twitter list, I’m going to link to some great online sources for healthcare coverage.

But first, for those who don’t want to do a lot of reading or searching, but just want the very basics about what the Senate bill would do, here are two articles that give really helpful summaries in easy-to-digest graphic form: one from the NY Times and one from the Washington Post.  (I recommend taking a look at both, as neither one quite covers everything).  But if you had to boil the whole thing down to one line, Ezra Klein does it here: under the GOP plan, poor people pay more for worse insurance.

All of the people on this “Follow Friday” list are health care experts of sorts, but some are journalists, some are neutral policy analysts, and some are coming at it from more of an advocacy perspective.   A few of them will be familiar names if you’ve been reading DC Deciphered regularly:







If you want to get a little wonkier & dive into the weedy details, check out:





And I’ve got to throw in one for the conservative (pundit/intellectual) perspective:


And to read about health care online:

Sarah Kliff Sarah Kliff at Vox

Margot Sanger-Katz at the New York Times

Jonathan Cohn at HuffPost

Dan Diamond at Politico

And for more thorough, wonkier discussion of policy details, Topher Spiro writes at Center for American Progress (where you can also view articles he’s contributed to numerous national publications)


*Note: If you’ve been following DC Deciphered recently, you know that until the last few days, this bill – written entirely secret by a small group of GOP Senators – hasn’t been getting nearly the media coverage I think it should have.


media coverage crop


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