Black Hole Heart

Oh wow, even by Trumpy standards this is really reaching.  Kellyanne Conway was on CNN this morning trying to defend Trump for that infamous moment early on in the campaign when he mocked a disabled reporter at one of his rallies.  The incident is back in the news because of Meryl Streep’s righteous speech at the Golden Globes last night indicting Trump’s bullying & abusive nature (done without ever even having to say his name). black-heart-2-crop

Ever since the incident first gained attention, leading to tons of criticism for Trump, he of course tried to claim he wasn’t mocking the reporter’s disability but was just mocking him for “groveling” (he made that obviously false claim yet again this morning in a series of  tweets hitting back at Streep).  So today on CNN, Conway lamented that the media wouldn’t take Trump’s word on that claim.  She said he should be given the benefit of the doubt, and complained that:

you always want to go by what comes out of his mouth rather than look at what’s in his heart.

She actually said that.  Donald Trump is a few days away from holding the most powerful office in the world, and one of his closest aides now tells us it’s unfair for the media to hold him accountable for the words he says. Kellyanne Conway is not new to politics.  She knows how extraordinarily powerful a President’s words are.  And she knows that what she’s asking for here is a standard no President – no politician at any level – would get, or even ask for. But we already know that Trump isn’t used to being held accountable for anything.  Now we’re being told explicitly by his spokesperson that we shouldn’t judge him by the words he says, instead we need to somehow determine what’s in his heart in order to figure out what he actually means or intends.  Well, Trump, we’ve already seen what’s in your heart.  And it’s just as dark & ugly as the things that come out of your mouth.



2 thoughts on “Black Hole Heart

  1. The MAJOR Anti-Trump! January 9, 2017 / 2:14 pm

    First, of all we must point out that Trump does NOT have a heart so for doll face to say that we the public should Ben looking inside his heart is ludicrous! Second of all, let’s just assume that she has no heart either which is why she works for him!!! Third of all, he is the biggest, ugliest, most insanely dumb baby if ever I saw one!


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